Thursday, January 27, 2011

A January Day!

Good morning! Here it is almost the end of January! It is winter-very wintry- here in MN. I am thrilled that most of the cold is behind us and that I am actually noticing that 16 degrees can be warm. Especially in the sunshine. Ah, Spring! Well, one can dream, right?

I have been busy  and my studio shows it. A mess! I have had a great week working on paintings and video taping. My video's are very raw and uncut. Here's the newest one- I know some of you could fall asleep watching artists paint and there are those who will watch the whole thing. Bless you all for watching at all!

The coffee cup series is going well-slow, but well-and I am excited because I think for once I will actually have them completed by Spring time. I am working on various other paintings as well so that is why there are patches of time where you will not see any video's. I would like to make it a goal of mine to release a video each week, but I will have to see how each week goes.

I have painting my Crosses of Hope litlle by little. I will not be video taping me painting my Crosses. To me, that is my time with God. Here is a book that you may like. "The Art of God" I do not have this one, but one very similar and I may be purchasing this one soon. It looks good and I collect books such as these. I really enjoy the photography because it makes me marvel at the creation that God has made.

Enjoy the rest of January! February is right around the corner. Let me know what you think of my art and/or my video's. I would love to hear from you. Have a great day today!

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