Monday, August 13, 2012

Have you created your own stuff on Zazzle?

If you haven't created stuff on Zazzle, you are missing out on some creative fun! Here's a sample of what I have been makin and creatin-

Ballerina's are the Best!  I've been working hard at my Zazzle store and I've created a mug with ballerina's dancing. It is a fun image and actually kinda funky.
Not a formal painting at all, but hey, that's who I am. Kinda wacky.
Speaking of wacky, have you seen this one, too? Poodle Pride and Pet Me! I got a bit carried away with my poodle image. I love this one-I guess it is my favorite dog painting so far. 

Then, I have "Life of the Party" painting (left) and this one is becoming very popular. Celebrate and have a good time!  This one keeps you rockin.

Zazzle is a fun place to shop. There are loads of things to purchase and you can create your own stuff, too.
Just go to .... Zazzle 

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