Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minneapolis Skyline- "Sweltering Summer"

I call this painting, "Sweltering Summer". It is a 16"x24" acrylic-a fun cityscape. I had a blast painting it! I was going to paint the sky red, but decided at the last minute to paint the buildings red. It is from a photo I took of the Minneapolis Skyline while I was lazily enjoying myself at the Stone Arch Bridge Art Festival last summer. I love going to Art Festivals and this particular one is a favorite of mine. It was June, in the morning, I had stopped to have coffee and croissant, and had my camera with. While I walked along all the booths, I decided to walk along the Mississippi river behind all the booths and there across the river was an amazing scene-the skyline was lit up with the rising sun and the colors were fantastic! WOW! I shot a few photo's, came back to my studio, and started to paint. The painting became alive with color- I tweaked it several times until I was satisfied with the shapes, colors and mood. The dark sky is gradated from blue to darker blue and looks better in reality. This painting was in the Minnesota Watercolor Society's Fall Show.
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