Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti's Cry

I am almost done painting a work that I plan on donating to Art-A-Thon-for-Haiti.  After the earthquake, I was so distraught over the images that I saw that day that I asked God in my heart what I could do to help.  When major tragedies happen like this particular one, I feel so helpless to be able to make a difference. Even if I could help just one person, I wanted to do something!  I just didn't feel like I wanted to just send in a check for a donation. I wanted to do something more. I believe God inspired me to paint this work. It was painted very rapidly and precise. Now, I am not a precise person, I search and fuss over my paintings most of the time. It was like I had someone take over - and I believe it was God.  I was so moved by the devastation and distruction and it was, and still is, almost unbelieveable.  I cannot even explain how I felt, but after a sleepless night, I went down in my studio the very next day and started to paint. My heart was aching as I painted and I wept as I painted that morning. I started the painting with a black gessoed coating over a white canvas. (Something that I had never done before.) I started making a cross, simply because I thought I would start with a cruciform design, like my Crosses of Hope, but as I poured the white in various places and started to paint the image of a cross with my hands, a figure appeared that looked like it was crying. I left the white alone and stepped back to look. It was a white figure crying out. I wanted to wait on what I should do next so I worked on various other paintings and glanced over once in awhile to just see what it needed.
The next day I added various colors and some symbolism. It is almost done. I titled it, "Haiti's Cry". My hope is that someone purchases it at the auction and it bring some relief to someone in Haiti. See the link.  I cannot add anything more to the painting except for a few brushes of color here and there. I will be posting it soon.  Love to all of you out there.
Blessings and peace be upon you.
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