Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something New...or is it?

Well....out of sheer, I know what you are thinking, how can you be bored when you have so much going on?-I am now starting most of my new paintings with a black gessoed canvas.  I am talking about "artistic boredom".  Boredom that happens when I sit there in my studio and wonder what on earth I am doing there with all of these paintings surrounding me, not wanting to get off my butt and hold a paintbrush, and I just want to go wash the dishes. Maybe eat some chocolate and zone out in front of the TV. I am not overwhelmed...but in the winter when you are tired of the whiteness of everything, it just gets to a point where I need to mix things up a bit in the studio. Hey! Black canvas!  If Carolyn Jasper can start her paintings with red paint, why not black?  I gotta do something new!
So, I decided since I painted, Haiti's Cry-still working on it by the way-I will start more paintings with a black gessoed canvas. See what happens-I got some stuff rolling around in my head. I have done three so far and I am having a good time!  I will post them soon. You know in Minnesota it can be challenging to photograph your artwork outside when it's cold. Things are warming up around here-yes, 40's- everyone's so happy- so I can get out there and take a bunch of photographs of my recent works. I'll get off my butt and get going. I am also doing the Spring Show for the MNWS..., and that has taken some time away from painting, but it is almost drop off and hanging time so I can get back to some serious art-makin. See you soon-keep painting!
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