Monday, March 28, 2011

Aww! Spring has come and new things in the studio are ready to bloom!

Here I am on the floor while the dog supervises my work.

It is spring here in Minnesota! You wouldn’t believe it because a couple of nights ago we received 8” of fresh, white snow! It has been a long winter and everyone is a bit weary of it.
I look forward to planting my flowers and getting outdoors more.
 Here in my studio, I am working on getting more focused and centered as far as my new work is concerned. I have been painting several series work-which I love and will continue to add to-but I also want to focus in on my goals and paint things that are more meaningful. If you are an artist, you have many, many idea's and thoughts swimming in your head like I have. Check out this book for 100 Contemporary Artist and their ideas!

There are so many ideas and fun things you may want to paint that sometimes you have to be careful not to get too scattered. Keep a good idea and start a series of ideas in your sketchbook that are cohesive with your more dominant intention. Stay focused and you will be calmer, more creative and your distractions will decrease with each new day. You've now got a plan and it's all laid out. All you have to do now is stay on course!  Thanks for following my blog. Send me your comments -I would love to hear from you!
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