Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deb's Winter Art Painting Party 2010

Hi all!
Well, last evening was my very first winter art party! I've been wanting to do a painting party for a of couple years now. I had a summer "paint-out" party in my back yard a few years ago and that was super fun, but it stormed! Needless to say, many of us got wet and had to take cover under my deck! Winter in Minnesota gets pretty cold and snowy and a blizzard was expecting to blow in last evening so I was a bit fearful things would not turn out.  I wanted this party to be fun and relaxing and I think it went just fine. 

To prepare, I set up two large art tables in my porch, chilled the wine, and made some appetizers.  I invited about 20 artist friends and about 6 showed up which was just fine with me. A small gathering is sometimes better because you can actually talk to all your guests! They all brought various appetizers and beverages and we had enough to feed an army.

We mostly sat and talked-I had planned for all of us to paint a bit, but we got to talking and the time just slipped away. Later that evening, I took my guests down to see my basement studio where we gathered and exchanged idea's and tips about studio's, art materials and art making. So much fun for me! It made me happy just to have fellow artists that were like-minded to bounce off idea's, art tips and various other topics.

It was a wonderful night and I so enjoyed having friends over for a relaxing "art evening". Suggestions were made to have another party during the day and later this summer. I loved that idea and am already looking at my calendar to plan a Summer Art Party. And, maybe next time we can even get to painting! HA!  
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