Thursday, January 1, 2009

Creating something from nothing....

Well, I cannot really say this is nothing. It is simply a canvas with paint on it with shapes that create a landscape scene. God only knows how to create something from nothing. Like the Grand Canyon, the oceans, mountains, fish, animals or us! But as a humble little human, I think is it really fun to create-even if it is just a painting of a landscape. It is just a canvas with paint on it but it has the potential to touch another human in an emotional, spiritual and/or intellectual way. I think that is amazing. No wonder so many of us love to create.
Notice how I just laid in the shapes with various colors and values? I was searching for the layout and design of the composition and where I needed to go. The process of painting is really, I believe, what creating art is all about. Most of the time I plan my work out in my sketchbook. There are times that I just play around and see what develops. I know the end result is important too, but when you start creating and you are playing in the studio and thinking of a landscape image-or whatever image you have in your heart and mind-that is where all the fun begins!
The finished piece can develop into something that surprises. So many artist love that about art. The surprises and the "Ah Ha" moments. I learn along the way with each painting I create. I love that about my painting process.
You will see the new release when I post the final piece in a few days. Come back soon!
By the way- "Happy New Year!' May all of your dreams come true!

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