Thursday, November 20, 2008


Good Morning!
I want to introduce to you my newly released,
"Dazzling Dawn". A 24" x 36" Acrylic on canvas. It is another addition to the series I call, "Mountain Messages".
"Dazzling Dawn" is inspired by my love color and mountains. They are so beautiful and take my breath away-they AWE me! How about you?
This particular painting started in a High School Art Class where I was invited to come and do a demo and teach about Acrylics. I had a blast and the kids were awesome artists!
I really did not know where "it" was going to take me. I used a few photo's to get a composition set up, but that was it. From there, the painting emerged into a colorful fantasy mountain landscape with an ethereal feel. I divided the two huge mountains into various shapes using color and value changes to break up the large triangle shapes and to create a sense of connectiveness. The ridges and cliffs are there to remind us that there are always challenges and tragedies to encounter in life. I wanted to create a sense of eternity and the river of life I painted zigzags through the beautiful meadow, and carries you into the ethereal eternal light.
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