Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art on A Line and "Beyond the Shadows"

I am so excited! I am going to be a part of the Northstar Watercolor Society's ART ON A LINE.  3000+ Original Paintings! Come and see and visit me if you are in town. It is a huge art show and sale. Starts Friday, May 14th and ends Sunday, May 16th. I will do a demo called, "Start with Dark" at 1pm on Sunday.  (See photo of "Beyond the Shadows").  I start with a black canvas like I did with "Haiti's Cry" and paint intuitively...I just play around and see what happens and what happened was some beautiful forms appeared and very colorful images of transparency! Wow!  I love what happened. What drippy, sloppy, messy fun it all was.
I will be doing this more with my classes and workshops-just having fun and experimenting. Keep painting...I would love to see your work as well. Try adding some citra-solv to the mix just to see what else happens. If you haven't used some citra-solv you are missing out on some great fun. Buy some today and paint with it.  See you soon!
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