Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Winds of Artistic Change

As some of you know, I have painted in watercolor for over 20 years. I did not prefer the chalk like apprearance of the paint after it dried. Part of it was my own ignorance of the medium and all that goes with it. I thought it looked so awful,and told myself that it would "be a long time, if ever, that I would work with the medium". I began to take many watercolor classes with Victor Cagliati at the U of M and also painted under the late, Malcolm Meyers and found my love for watercolor. Malcolm and Victor were instrumental in my development as a watercolor artist. Both gave me the freedom to "paint my feelings", however, I had little training in the techniques that I needed. So began my own journey to develop my skills and I learn the techniques to achieve the realistic qualities that are evident in my previous works.

In the last year, I started painting with acrylics after taking a workshop with Robert Burridge. I purchased some Golden paints and started painting in a new direction. I was thrilled and for once enjoyed the "process" instead of working toward the end result. Painting this way today has become a wonderful way to advance my artistic expression. Thanks, Bob, for "Permission".

One of series I am developing is a mountain series. It is based on the idea of faith and moving mountains. I am still working on these and will post the changes as I go. I have several series I am working on, and they can be viewed on my website. However, for this blog, I will keep the mountain series here.
Posted is the "Moving Mountains", piece. It is not finished. I will be posting the changes by the end of this week. I love the fantasy-dreamlike qualities of this piece and will continue in this direction. I will be discussing my intentions, thoughts and feelings about this piece as it develops. I will also include other new works that I am developing as well. Keep in touch!
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